Employability Skills Course for Disabled People

Dots-LogoDOTS is supporting Access Dorset run job clubs and return to work courses for disabled people. We are into our second group now for skillsworks and I am finding out more and more about what it is like to be unable to get a job for disabled people / people with medical conditions. We talk about the barriers and how we can overcome them back into employment. The main barrier appears to be that individuals don’t feel employers want to employ them. Most have experienced bullying in the work pace and feel they have been pushed out of jobs. My job as a facilitator on the course is to help people tool up for work, build up their confidence and get work ready. We are ‘pushing the envelope’ ‘stepping outside of our comfort zones’ ‘building robustness’. In other words trying to do all we can to give individuals a chance at getting and then keeping a job in a fun, safe environment. I am looking forward to seeing how we get on and what differences we make. For more information about the course go to Access Dorset